Weekly Quotes To Ponder 16

‘Three minutes of anger will sap your strength quicker than eight hours of work. When you are angry, your blood rushes to the major muscles of your arms and legs. Thus, you have greater physical strength. But your brain, lacking its full blood supply cuts down your efficiency. That is why you say things you do not mean and do things which seems outlandish.’  – ANONYMOUS


Let’s face it, we can get angry at times. We tend to do ridiculous things because our reasons or thinking is clouded by intense emotion and before we knew it, the damage has been done.

anger.jpgI’ve been angry these past few days. And believe me, it is tormenting and exhausting. I can’t even sleep well. One night, when I really cannot put myself to sleep dealing with the pain, disappointments, and frustrations I stumbled upon the quote above. That quote hit me big time, its message struck me straight in the heart and reached the depths of my soul. Truly, anger is a vicious killer, it does not only disable our ability to make the right decisions but it also kills our well being.  Thank God,  with His help  and  mercy, I  was able to hold on to my reasons not allowing hatred to consume me.

How about you? How do you deal with anger? I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment. That’s it for our 16th week of ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘. Happy weekdays!

The best way to lose your temper is to lose yourself in GOD!

17 thoughts on “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 16

  1. I used to have serious anger management issues as a child, as I grew up, I tried to understand what the root of my anger was. Sometimes it was the simple knowledge that I was a little different( I am a year younger than everyone in my year and I’ve always been the shortest), sometimes it was not being accepted, sometimes it was dashed expectations then I began to work on the root issues and began to iron them out. It hurts to realise that you don’t love yourself as much as people tell you you should, but if it’s the truth then I work around it.

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    1. I must say that environment affects us in some ways. In my case, my father used to scold and punish me every time I make mistakes when I was a child. When I became an adult I noticed that I can easily get irritated even with petty things and patience is a hard practice. Thank God for the wisdom and understanding, I am learning to deal with anger in a positive way and taking it one step at a time. I’m glad that you’re taking control now and I’m sure you’ll get through . I think you are a lovely person not only physically but more inside. Have faith in yourself dear, you’ll soon discover that you can do things you never thought you can.

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  2. First I want to say I love your new blog design! I don’t get angry much but when I do, I take a couple of deep breaths to stop and think before I react or say something out of place. If I need to take a walk or go to the next room, that’s where I’ll be…contemplating my thoughts.

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    1. Great way in managing anger my friend, I am learning to do the same. Being impulsive is a disaster most of the time so taking a deep breath to calm down is a good practice. Thank you and have a good one dear!

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  3. Crying and praying help me to deal with anger. It is always difficult because until it is exhausted out of me it seems to consume me. Once it is gone then I take a long hot bath and pray over my circumstances. That’s how I deal. It takes time, but getting it out of me is always the hardest part.

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  4. Anger is such a destructive emotion, does no one any good. When I really lose it I try and get out and walk in nature, it always help get everything into perspective.

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  5. I typically don’t get angry. I have a pretty long rope before I get to anger. However, when I do, it’s not pretty. I’m thankful to lead a peaceful life for the most part, so I can push anger away with all the built up positive energy that I’ve got. It’s my reserve and really comes in handy! It’s said that we always have a choice how we react to anger. I quickly remember how much I like having choices. This also helps! I like having “happy days,” so I strive to put myself only in situations that help me to have them. Maybe, it’s my age. As you get older, you realize that life is going to throw you a curve once in a while. This is when you get tested to see how much you’ve learned. Can I move pass anger? Yes! A lot quicker than if I had a bad case of hives.

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