Mistress in Distress

My poetry for this week. Hope you enjoy reading!

Poet's Corner

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I wrecked a home
And pretend I am stone
Turned deaf with their cries
Smile in disguise

We both played this fire
Did right in their eyes
Playing innocent ones
With lust I am tranced

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Weekly Quotes To Ponder 16

‘Three minutes of anger will sap your strength quicker than eight hours of work. When you are angry, your blood rushes to the major muscles of your arms and legs. Thus, you have greater physical strength. But your brain, lacking its full blood supply cuts down your efficiency. That is why you say things you do not mean and do things which seems outlandish.’  – ANONYMOUS


Let’s face it, we can get angry at times. We tend to do ridiculous things because our reasons or thinking is clouded by intense emotion and before we knew it, the damage has been done. Continue reading “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 16”