I Should’ve Seen It Coming

deathHow could someone retrieve a heart that has been pulverized because it has been hammered numerous times? It is beyond possible! That’s how it feels to be betrayed, cheated, back-stabbed, and deceived over and over again.

“When you had someone at his worst, his world only revolves around you. He’s all praises about you, would do anything for you, and is more than willing to understand you no matter how ridiculous you can be. Such an overwhelming feeling, indeed!”

I am sure, most of you would agree that love is the most wonderful feeling we could ever feel in this world (I am talking about romantic love here, for there are various types of love). I’ve been there at the age of twenty-one. What’s so exciting that time is…it was mutual.¬†The kind that would sweep you off your feet, makes you feel like soaring into the sky with happiness when you’re with that someone and a kind of relationship that you would really fight for. I even wished that I could seize each moment when I’m with him.



I’m afraid I will never love someone as much as I’ve loved him.


But like all others, it has been put into a test. Unfortunately, ours met its tragic end. It doesn’t matter who made the first mistake, who cheated first, or who gave up first. It takes two souls to form a relationship and once it is over, both will surely face the pain. One may use self-denial to cope up easily or find someone to cling to fill the void that has been left behind and move on. Others may choose to let things be at the moment, accept what happened, and allow time to heal the wound.¬†Letting go and moving on is hardest when one is so emotionally attached and physically dependent to his/her partner. It feels like you died a million times after the separation. No wonder others resort to self-destruction due to unbearable pain and depression. I almost did, honestly. But the voice inside me kept on telling me that it is not the right thing to do, that though I may not understand it now, in God’s time I will know that it is for the best.