Tokens of Gratitude: Heartaches

Pretending is  not my cup of tea. Showing others that I’m fine and happy when I am not is one hell of a struggle. There were even times when my eyes cannot  disguise  what I really feel inside. But what can I do when the only choice I have is to  be strong, not only for myself but more for my children?

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2

I have been neglected several times,  belittled, never appreciated, always blamed. Worst of  all, it came from someone so dear. I never thought this person would be a prisoner of my past mistakes. If I only knew that he is a resentment-filled brute,  I will never commit that  mistake in the first place. If  only I could turn  back time… Continue reading “Tokens of Gratitude: Heartaches”