Weekly Quotes To Ponder 15

I must admit, I’ve been feeling a little low these past few days. Though I am always doing my best to ignore negativity there are still times when I still find myself ensnared. Whenever this happens, I am reminded of the fact that I am no superhuman.


Most of us may have experienced being stabbed in the back or being betrayed by someone we love. For me,  it is one of the most devastating and heart-wrenching. A victim would really have a hard time coping up and moving on. But no matter how bitter we are and how much we want to avenge ourselves, we cannot undo what has been done. The scars of the past will remain a part of us and whenever we encounter something that would remind us of what happened, we can’t help but feel the pain as if it’s happening real-time. People have different ways of dealing with this kind of situation. In my case, I’ve learned how to accept, cry if I must, vent to a friend if there’s a need to release the emotional burden, write poetry, let things be at the present moment. In short, be kind to myself.

GRACE is when somebody hurts you
and you try to understand their situation
instead of trying to hurt them back.

That’s it for our  ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘ week 15th. May we always find peace of mind even in the midst of conflicts around us. Cheers!