My Monthly Memories: May 2K16

flowers1I love those random memories
that makes me smile no matter what’s going on
in my life right now…


My journey this May have been an emotional roller coaster ride. I’ve written few posts compared to previous months but I am proud to say, those were the ones that’s more than heartfelt. It still holds true for me, that the more intense emotion I have the more difficult for me to express it both in words and in action. Continue reading “My Monthly Memories: May 2K16”

Loving You

*Google image

I’ve peered through your heart
As soon as we’ve drifted apart
Endured countless sleepless nights
Dreaded the times we always fight

I long for that lingering embrace
For no one, nothing can replace
All the memories we’ve shared
Echoes when I’m alone in bed Continue reading “Loving You”

3Line Tales 15: Marriage

Tie that would bind us we cannot break
Union by God more than just fate
Decreed us to cling as long as we live


photo by: Wynand van Poortvliet


This is a photo as controversial as the one I  had in mind soon  as I laid my eyes on it. I hope that anyone who came across  this post would enjoy my take just like I enjoy sharing it.

For full instructions, kindly visit Sonya‘s Three Line Tales.

I Am Misconstrued



I just noticed that I’ve written more poetry than articles lately. If you are following this blog, you have an idea of what I’m going through these days. There are times when I am flooded with so much drama in life that I want to sit in front of my desktop and hit the keyboards. My heart is filled with so much emotion, so intense that it’s  on the verge of explosion. Continue reading “I Am Misconstrued”

Life is…

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Chronicles of life knows no brevity
Bittersweet it would always be
Most of us would try to flee
Others wallow in misery
Bone-tired in finding tranquility
Some even refused to see
Life’s not only what you perceive to be
But a never ending faith with thee

My Last Song Syndrome

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Remnants of our past
Makes my heart beat so fast
It never run out of tune
Though its fate is sudden doom

How could it be a lullaby
When tears always blind my eyes
Everytime we say goodbye
I die a million times Continue reading “My Last Song Syndrome”

Tokens of Gratitude: Kindness



Truth be told, it is really hard for me to be kind to someone who did me wrong. Especially when this person almost ruin my entire life and future. It is really hard to forgive,  forget and move on.

Hug your haters and
kill them with your
-ROHAN CHAUBEY Continue reading “Tokens of Gratitude: Kindness”

3Line Tales 14: Missive

I ache for your missive
For our distance it can transcend
It echoes both our sentiments

photo by: Kirsty TG

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