3Line tales 11: Break


photo by Dayne Topkin

When the going gets tough,
We just sit back and relax
Sipping tea, sharing a good laugh

Here’s my take with this week’s Three Line Tales. For full instructions, kindly visit Sonya‘s blog – Only 100 Words or kindly click here. I’m so excited to read other’s tale and comments. Come join the fun!


20 thoughts on “3Line tales 11: Break

  1. Got to have a cup of tea – as a Brit it’s my default setting in good times and bad. And if someone doesn’t offer you tea the moment you step through their door – well, black mark I say! Sweet spin on the prompt 🙂

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  2. Tea is such a calming drink, isn’t it! On a rainy day, what better than a cup of tea with a good book, after a harrowing day, what better than a cup of tea to sooth frayed nerves. I’ll go grab a cup now, I think. Loved this one😀

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