A to Z Challenge: Quixote

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Amidst the harshness of reality
He radiates positivity
In the heights of enmity
Only good things he could see

A heart filled with empathy
Mind that knows no cruelty
Outstretched arms to those in need
Refused to broadcast all his deeds

How could I not love him?
In his river of goodness I could swim
Sturdy arms I could always cling
Only to be awaken, he’s just a dream..

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 13



Brainstorming on what quote/s to share this week, with a 2-year-old sitting on my lap drinking his milk, I asked myself, why not share my thoughts and feelings about motherhood? For me, being a mother is a strenuous and time-consuming task but the most fulfilling. It takes a lot of love and courage to set aside your own happiness for the sake of your child/children. Truly, dealing with motherhood is not an easy feat. But with God’s help and mercy, I am not only able to survive, but I also enjoy the journey, the experience.


No wonder my mother chose to give up her budding career in office work to take care of six children. I’ve seen how huge her sacrifices with raising us at that time. When she’s gone to a store to buy something for herself, she would come out with bags full of things for her children. Now that I’ve become a mother, I understood how happy she felt whenever she sees us smiling, more when we are doing well. Continue reading “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 13”