For the Love of Flowers

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Life is like a flower
When we don’t take care of it,
it can wither and die
-Davene Taylor

Ever since I’ve learned how  to appreciate goodness, I’ve always been a fan of flowers. I always marvel  at its exquisite beauty. Its different varieties, various colors and appearances not to mention their scents, never fail to fascinate me. Truly, the effect of flowers in  my being is more than positive –  it reaches the depths  of my soul, quenches my thirst for goodness, lighten emotional burden, and reminds me of an Almighty God, who deeply love all His creation. Even my theme for #atozchallenge April 2016 is a poetry with titles from the 26 letters of the alphabet with images of flower/s in relation to the meaning of each piece.

And because I adore flowers and quotes alike, I have a compendium of quotes about flowers that I would like to share with you all. Hoping that you find wisdom with the quotes and happiness with the view:









9 thoughts on “For the Love of Flowers

  1. I love all the quotes you used. I found this quote the most interesting/humorous though: “To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a detectable form of defeat.” It really stood out to me haha


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