Tokens of Gratitude: My Aunt

I woke up so early today and remembered my featured post: ‘Tokens of Gratitude’. Last week, I missed a post due to ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues. I would make it up this time.

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2

Last two weeks ago, I mentioned how our relatives in my father’s side are closely knitted. Today, I  would like to give tribute to one of my two best Aunts -Aunt Bing (the other one, Nanay Auntie, as I call her, died due to cervical cancer year back 2002.)

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A to Z Challenge: Mnemosyne

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Drenched in the stream of thoughts
As I travelled with you by foot
And like flowers that always bloom
You’re my most treasured heirloom

For you time stood still
Mixed emotions you always fill
Deepest wounds you can just heal
Every moment you could steal

You are my utmost solitude
Have seen me through my bad moods
Faced them all with great fortitude
Without you, I doubt if  I could.

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016