A to Z Challenge: Lame


*Google image

Staring at the ceiling
Confused with my feelings
My mind I can’t bend
I just can’t pretend

There’s no one to blame
We both played this game
Is this still sane
For my reasons turned lame

I just couldn’t keep
This feeling so deep
I could say it best
Once you feel my kiss

Written for A to Z Challenge


13 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: Lame

  1. I really liked your poem. It made me think more about my feelings and how they affect my heart and its direction.
    I also just wanted to say that you picked a really intriguing, beautiful image that fit your poem really well (like how the bending reflections fit your confused feelings that you talk about in your poem). I really love the aesthetics of your blog. You are such an amazing designer! 🙂

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      • I admire that. I am often told that my poems are complex in nature and have hidden layers underneath the words. So they have to be read at leisure or more than once. So I sometimes wonder if I can write with simplicity 🙂

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      • I understand, there are poets who writes with hidden meaning or with more depth and not literally but it doesn’t matter, it depends on the person reading the piece and how they interpret it. As poets, it is happiness to be able to speak what’s on our minds and hearts, more when others were able to grasp or understand what we like to convey. Cheers!

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