A to Z Challenge: Lame

*Google image

Staring at the ceiling
Confused with my feelings
My mind I can’t bend
I just can’t pretend

There’s no one to blame
We both played this game
Is this still sane
For my reasons turned lame

I just couldn’t keep
This feeling so deep
I could say it best
Once you feel my kiss

Written for A to Z Challenge

3Line Tales 9: Hopeless

I must admit, of all the photo prompts that I encountered, I find this the most intriguing so far. But this won’t prevent me from joining. So here’s my contribution for this week’s Three Line Tales.

Fingers bleeding
Yet notes still breaking
My pianist dream, sinking

photo by Jesse Orrico

For detailed instruction, kindly visit Sonya‘s blog, Only 100 Words or kindly click here. Enjoy reading and writing a three-liner!