A to Z Challenge: Flaunted

rose moving
*Google image

A rare find, so exquisite
One just can’t afford to miss
Worth more than a lifetime bliss
And a million lovers kiss

Hold it firm dont’ let it slip
Dream of it while you’re asleep
Keep an eye lest you forget
It’s everything, and you’d want it

Your head held up high
You can soar through velvet sky
Wearing it with all your pride
Amidst the crowd and all passerby


Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016


3Line Tales 8: Unshaken

photo by Charlie Harutaka

Here’s to ‘Three Line Tales’ day! It’s really irresistible to partake. For complete details kindly visit this page here. Enjoy writing and reading!



Sailing across oceans of time
Elusive as it may seem, I’d find
The other half of mine