Weekly Quotes To Ponder 11

AffectionHaving an intimate relationship with someone is not always rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes the journey with another soul is a winding road, there are turns that pose danger mixed with a cloud of doubt and a fear of rejection. No wonder others chose to stay in their solitude.

I have this notion when I was in college. I’ve been away from my family for almost four years in an unfamiliar place and have dealt with strangers. To protect myself, I would spend my free time inside my room in the dorm reading books and writing poetry. It is very seldom that I go out with friends. It never entered my mind and my dream that I needed someone to belong to until I met the father of my children.

I’ve been contented with my singleness, with my care free life but I cannot deny the fact that my world painted in black and white could be a masterpiece, a colorful work of art. Our relationship is a mixture of mosaic of different sorts of materials. We have lots of differences, we have dozens of things that we argue about, and a week won’t be complete without a fight. Too few things that seems right. You might wonder how did we managed to survive, right? With God’s help and mercy and with the fact that our love for our children is far greater than our love for ourselves.

Never underestimate
the importance of
having someone
in your life who can
always make you

That’s it for our 11th week of Weekly Quotes To Ponder. Be inspired!



2 thoughts on “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 11

  1. I can completely relate to staying in solitude because of fear of rejection. I tend to do that for a very long time after each long term relationship ends. I just loved your piece and how honest and real you were about your relationship with your husband. I have never understood these couples who say after 50 yrs they’ve never had a fight. In an intimate relationship, people disagree. It happens. I’m going to put this in my Buffer to be Tweeted tomorrow:)

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  2. Couples do have disagreements and discussions but it doesn’t always end up in fights, sometimes it even makes their relationship stronger. I am glad you can relate, I really appreciate your feedback on this.


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