A to Z Challenge: Caressed

roseinwhiteTake me now, don’t delay
Be with me come what may
In my bed let’s just lay
I care less, I’m your prey

One night stand we became one
I owned you in an instant
Heaven felt all at once
Won’t let it slip in my hands

Let’s indulge in this game of chance
Until we lost track of time
Even though we can’t be
In my heart there you’ll be…


Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

My Monthly Memories: March 2K16


Here’s the time for looking back on what transpired last month, as usual, I’m so excited to write about it. Thank’s to a wonderful blogger, Basant She for coming up with this great event every month. You may also want to take a peek on her blog and enjoy reading hers as well, here‘s the link.


I’ve had an amazing March indeed! Last February, I decided to be more versatile with my blog and it did happen, thank God. Aside from my Featured Posts every Wednesday, and Saturday, I actually started writing for A To Z Challenge – April 2016. My theme would be poetry with titles from the 26 letters of the alphabet, mostly random thoughts about love and life. My two posts, Alienated and Bedazzled gained positive feedbacks from fellow participants and my readers so far. Another milestone for better blogging for me is joining the Commenting Bootcamp here in WordPress and finding out Daily Prompts. It did a tremendous help in giving me a push when I want to write something but my ideas and words got stuck in my head. I even tried to write a short story, Shared Spark for the prompt, connection which is my very first attempt in writing a story with dialogues.

that‘I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now…



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