Weekly Quotes To Ponder 10

There are times you get  impatient with your own life, trying your best to control a sin, discipline yourself, pursue something you’d really want for so long – and in your frustration begin to wonder what the heck is going on? Whatever it is, whatever comes down the path, even though there are things that’s beyond our control, God gave us the ability to face every circumstances with the right attitude and be happy even in the midst of a difficult or unpleasant situation.


I got inspired with the quote above and thought I’d share it with you folks for the 10th installment of our Weekly Quotes To Ponder feature. I thank God for making me realize how wonderful blogging is. Finding my voice, sharing, connecting to different people across the globe and knowing I can help others in my small ways really makes my day.


*I don’t own this image


Whatever you’re doing right at this very moment, I encourage you to stop for a while, ponder, find out that something that would make your heart sing and make it a habit each day. May God bless us all!






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