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I’ve reached the edge
Pain stained our bed
My head tossed and turned
Hatred have surged

In my peripheral vision
I could feel the tension
Filled with apprehension
Am I in delusion?

We’re the air we breath
The song we sing
The games we play
Now our hearts, gone astray

Just a mere speck
We failed to speak
Our love gone weak
Life went adrift

Our wounds are deep
And chance is bleak
But let’s wait some weeks
Paint the scars with our kiss

When Boredom Strikes

lemonI am not a fan of rules. I really hate following a list no matter how necessary it may be. I hate routines. Doing the same things everyday makes me feel sick. But being a full time housekeeper and a mother compelled me to adjust and learn to balance everything to at least lighten such burden.

Thank God, I now have a blog. When boredom strikes, all I have to do is sit in front of my desktop and hit the keyboards. I wonder how did I managed to survive in the past six months before I started blogging last January? Well, I don’t really want to explain nor elaborate.


This is one of the days where writing gets the better of me, random thoughts, there’s no particular topic in mind, I just wanted to write freely, see where my hands and mind take me. Feel the joy of expressing my thoughts and savor the feeling of tranquility. Continue reading “When Boredom Strikes”