Tokens of Gratitude: My Parents

I could still remember being tossed from one house to another during my childhood days. My parents used to travel from our home in the city to our home in the province. Being left with the care of my grandparents, aunts, and uncles is quite normal in those days. Good thing because our relatives on my father’s side are closely knitted and really fond of children so staying with them while they are away is not a problem.


My parents may not raise us in a conventional way but I am still grateful to God for having them. My mother gave up her budding career to be a housewife and to take care of six children while my father took the responsibility of a provider though he seldom got a permanent or regular job (he is a carpenter, a very good one I must say). parents2

They are one of the sweetest couples I’ve seen. We never saw them fighting, not even once. Probably, they’re good at hiding it to their children. But Papa and Mama, as we call them are far from being perfect, they do have shortcomings and they are unable to support us financially after we finished high school but what I admire about them is their honesty and humbleness to admit their inability to send us to college and their faith and moral support in any endeavor we have.

I cannot thank God enough for having my parents and though I seldom tell them how much I appreciate having them in my life, I hope I was able to show it to them in action.



From your parents you first learned love & laughter
& how to put one foot before the other.
They put their children above their selfish needs & wants.


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