A Pinch of Hope

hopeI am immobilized
Forced to witness a crime
Tried to open my mouth
But words doesn’t seem to come out

Shattered dreams, broken hopes
I doubt if I could ever cope
My heart, soaked with blood
Holding the tiniest sanity I have

I want to shout
My silence is deafening as it gets loud
Tears blinded my eyes, is this my price?
Watch in horror, live in fights?

Everything went blank
I felt a hand
Holding me, helping me stand
Life never hit me this hard

Enveloped in a shadow of doubt
I must win this tremendous bout
Convince myself this would end
Time is on my side, I will mend

Pick up my bits and pieces
Chase butterflies and kisses
Breath the deepest breath
I’m blessed despite all these

9 thoughts on “A Pinch of Hope

  1. Imagery here is so raw…it is what many of us may be feeling now, but aren’t able to articulate the hurt, loss, confusion as you have…Thank you for the beautiful, yet tragic, lines…

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    1. I’m thinking of people who have been a victim of abuse but unable to voice out their plea and is struggling to get back on their feet while writing this piece. I’m glad I was able to pass my thoughts.

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      1. Oh – thank you for the clarification. It’s interesting how writing can be written with a specific intent, but it’s power can translate to others and speak to them in a way they are able to receive. Thank you so much for clarification and passing your thoughts to us 🙂

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