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A Pinch of Hope

hopeI am immobilized
Forced to witness a crime
Tried to open my mouth
But words doesn’t seem to come out

Shattered dreams, broken hopes
I doubt if I could ever cope
My heart, soaked with blood
Holding the tiniest sanity I have

I want to shout
My silence is deafening as it gets loud
Tears blinded my eyes, is this my price?
Watch in horror, live in fights?

Everything went blank
I felt a hand
Holding me, helping me stand
Life never hit me this hard

Enveloped in a shadow of doubt
I must win this tremendous bout
Convince myself this would end
Time is on my side, I will mend

Pick up my bits and pieces
Chase butterflies and kisses
Breath the deepest breath
I’m blessed despite all these


9 thoughts on “A Pinch of Hope

    1. I’m thinking of people who have been a victim of abuse but unable to voice out their plea and is struggling to get back on their feet while writing this piece. I’m glad I was able to pass my thoughts.

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      1. Oh – thank you for the clarification. It’s interesting how writing can be written with a specific intent, but it’s power can translate to others and speak to them in a way they are able to receive. Thank you so much for clarification and passing your thoughts to us 🙂

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