A Tribute

*I don’t own this

You filled the void in my heart
Taught me to dream and look forward
You’ve touched my soul
Like no one would

When I’m down
You’d sit beside me and hold my hand
Ever willing to keep me warm
Always want me away from harm

When I’m drowning in self-pity
You never fail to comfort me
Always keeping me company
Letting me vent and just be me

I’m not easy to be around
Too few good friends I have found
But you’re more than enough
And I’d forever thank God for that!

A to Z Challenge : My Theme

Guys, I almost forgot I am joining the A to Z Challenge this April and today they encourage us to reveal our theme,  not that it is mandatory but it will be of great help for our visitors or readers on what they can expect. Since most of my posts is random or whatever comes to mind in a certain moment, I must admit that I need to give myself a little more push but I’m up to it.


I believe poetry runs in my blood, with that being said, I decided to play this challenge with writing a poem with titles from A to Z. I am so excited to write the first piece come 1st of April. So watch out for it!

A poet is a liar
who always speaks the truth
– Jean Cocteau