Weekly Quotes To Ponder 8



Truth be told, I am really not a patient person. I am actually impulsive in nature. I can utter disgusting words in a split seconds once triggered. I can burst into anger without thinking of the outcome of my actions. That’s actually one of the downsides of being a sentimental fool. It’s really hard to control my emotions. And before I knew it, the damage has been done.


It has been said that it’s not what you say that matters but how you say it. Being a call center employee for about more than ten years, I can definitely say that it’s true. Since we deal with customers via telephone, tone of voice plays an important role. An upbeat and pleasant tone should be observed all throughout the call especially in the first five seconds. Same goes with face to face interactions. Oftentimes a gentle answer could make someone forget his anger. On the other hand, saying harsh words or cussing can trigger it. Experience proved that even though we don’t mean bad once we say it in an unpleasant tone, it changes the meaning to the person who heard us. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to guard our tone of voice for us to get along with people. It’s hard for  me to do that, honestly but I’m learning everyday and taking it one step at a time.


Smile is an inexpensive way to improve one’s look

That’s it for our 8th week of ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder’. Hopefully, you learned something and enjoyed reading at the same time. Have a blessed week, everyone!

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