Weekly Quotes To Ponder 7

Hello people! I still can’t believe that we are on our seventh week of this ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder’ feature. Today, I stumbled upon a quote that inspired me of my  individuality as a woman.


Being regarded as ‘The Ugly Duckling’ in the family, I’ve had my shares of insecurities and inferiority complex during my childhood days.  I even came into a point where I dreaded to look at myself in the mirror and discover an ugly teen. To make a long story short, I have low self-esteem until I met the father of my children. Thank God for him!


He made me feel like I am the most important person in the whole world for him. He taught me to get out of my shell and show the world how beautiful I am. He sees something in me that’s more than what meets the eye. He took me just as I am, with all of my flaws. Ever since then, I’ve learned to love myself more. Continue reading “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 7”