Weekly Quotes To Ponder 10

There are times you get  impatient with your own life, trying your best to control a sin, discipline yourself, pursue something you’d really want for so long – and in your frustration begin to wonder what the heck is going on? Whatever it is, whatever comes down the path, even though there are things that’s beyond our control, God gave us the ability to face every circumstances with the right attitude and be happy even in the midst of a difficult or unpleasant situation.

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Deep Inside

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Treated as a frivolous wife,
She faced the agony of an unending strife
And buried her hardened heart
For her world have torn apart
Is there someone to turn the light?
Lend an ear to hear her plight
A hand that will hold her tight
To lead her in the path
That’s gone out of sight
So she can freely soar in the velvet sky
Then let the hurt pass her by
Bring her back her radiant smile…


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I’ve reached the edge
Pain stained our bed
My head tossed and turned
Hatred have surged

In my peripheral vision
I could feel the tension
Filled with apprehension
Am I in delusion?

We’re the air we breath
The song we sing
The games we play
Now our hearts, gone astray

Just a mere speck
We failed to speak
Our love gone weak
Life went adrift

Our wounds are deep
And chance is bleak
But let’s wait some weeks
Paint the scars with our kiss

When Boredom Strikes

lemonI am not a fan of rules. I really hate following a list no matter how necessary it may be. I hate routines. Doing the same things everyday makes me feel sick. But being a full time housekeeper and a mother compelled me to adjust and learn to balance everything to at least lighten such burden.

Thank God, I now have a blog. When boredom strikes, all I have to do is sit in front of my desktop and hit the keyboards. I wonder how did I managed to survive in the past six months before I started blogging last January? Well, I don’t really want to explain nor elaborate.


This is one of the days where writing gets the better of me, random thoughts, there’s no particular topic in mind, I just wanted to write freely, see where my hands and mind take me. Feel the joy of expressing my thoughts and savor the feeling of tranquility. Continue reading “When Boredom Strikes”

Mr. Numb



We’re million miles away
Two years, seven months, and seventeen days
Ever since you went away
‘I miss you’, you never say

In a split screen
I seldom see your grin
We talked digitally everyday
Couldn’t have it any other way

You’re damn so creative
Mr. Insensitive
Your self you deceive
Always make believe

You’re still my boo
Despite the things that you do
Real or reel I don’t care
In my heart, you’re always near

I can’t help but write a poetry in response to ‘Stream of Consciousness Saturday’ hosted by a wonderful blogger, Linda G. Hill. People say that absence makes the heart go fonder, well, not in all cases. Cheers!


Tokens of Gratitude: My Parents

I could still remember being tossed from one house to another during my childhood days. My parents used to travel from our home in the city to our home in the province. Being left with the care of my grandparents, aunts, and uncles is quite normal in those days. Good thing because our relatives on my father’s side are closely knitted and really fond of children so staying with them while they are away is not a problem.


My parents may not raise us in a conventional way but I am still grateful to God for having them. My mother gave up her budding career to be a housewife and to take care of six children while my father took the responsibility of a provider though he seldom got a permanent or regular job (he is a carpenter, a very good one I must say). Continue reading “Tokens of Gratitude: My Parents”

3LineTales 6: Hue

Sandy’s feeling blue, green with envy
Face turned red, heart is yellow
Hue denotes various feelings for me and you

photo by Liam Desic

As always, I’m enthusiastic in writing a three-liner and as excited and as happy to share it with you folks. Thank you again Sonya for coming up with such great event. For details, kindly click here. Great way to stretch our minds and keep the ball rolling.

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 9

My typical week is always occupied with so many household chores. Truly, motherhood taught me how to steal time. Kudos to me, I am now an ‘opportunity grabber’.




Workaholics turn nights into days, chose to sleep less than four hours while those easy go lucky ones just let time pass them by. My mother used to tell me that time management is just a matter of priorities and once you set your priorities you must stand firm with it and turn it into action. I do agree with her.




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A Pinch of Hope

hopeI am immobilized
Forced to witness a crime
Tried to open my mouth
But words doesn’t seem to come out

Shattered dreams, broken hopes
I doubt if I could ever cope
My heart, soaked with blood
Holding the tiniest sanity I have

I want to shout
My silence is deafening as it gets loud
Tears blinded my eyes, is this my price?
Watch in horror, live in fights?

Everything went blank
I felt a hand
Holding me, helping me stand
Life never hit me this hard

Enveloped in a shadow of doubt
I must win this tremendous bout
Convince myself this would end
Time is on my side, I will mend

Pick up my bits and pieces
Chase butterflies and kisses
Breath the deepest breath
I’m blessed despite all these