Life In Shambles

I know most of us have lived in a world of mess at some point. Where everything seems disoriented and nothing makes sense. This is one of the hardest blow in life. Some people even resorted to drug abuse, depression and anxiety, and worse? commit suicide. How could we handle this? How can we survive such ordeal?

A hurting person needs a helping hand not an accusing finger…

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There is a thin line between giving up and fighting back. It lies with how a person sees himself/herself in the inside. Another factor is the treatment of people around. Most often than not, people close to us like our relatives and friends tend to blame or condemn us for what we’re going through instead of understanding us or making us feel we’re not alone. Such notions add insult to injury and could make our situations worse.

I used to believe that blood is thicker than water,
but reality proves that oftentimes our relatives are the ones who back fights us.

If you weep, you weep alone. But if you laugh, the whole world laughs with you. That is an undeniable fact. Challenges and trials are always there as long as we live, no matter how great or small. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. And besides, a life which is not put to the test is weak and flimsy.


So next time you feel like all forces of the universe is conspiring to bring you down, face it bravely. If you have faith, you are never really alone. People may desert you, but God won’t.¬†