My Monthly Memories: February 2K16

Two days before February ends, time fleets so fast! This month have been great for my blog. I’ve written articles almost everyday and its therapeutic effect did a great help in managing stress and dealing with everyday pressures.


By the way, I am so excited to partake with this blogging event called My Monthly Memories created by this pretty blogger, Basant She. Thank you dear! I really love the idea of writing about monthly memories, honestly. All the articles I’ve written is very important to me. I have the habit of reading each one of them over and over again whenever there’s opportunity.

‘I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what is going on in my life right now…’

My blog this month turned into a new leaf, after I did a million tweaks with various themes to compliment it, I decided to try the Crafty Theme and I also changed the header image to convey what this blog is all about. Well, I think I’ve made its interface more appealing this time. I intend to stick with writing posts about living life to the fullest but since it is broad, it’s really hard to keep up. So starting next month I will try my best to be more versatile. Last month, I said that I’ll take it easy with this blog, but because of the overwhelming responses that I am receiving from my readers and fellow bloggers, I can’t help but pressure myself sometimes to write posts with more substance. Seeing more likes and reading more comments inspire me to do more, share more, and be grateful for all  the blessings.  Continue reading “My Monthly Memories: February 2K16”

Tokens of Gratitude: Thank GOD



Last week, I made a commitment that I will make a weekly journal of thanksgiving, so here’s my first article. There’s so much to be thankful for in this life. For me, the first and foremost that is worthy of our gratefulness would be the creator, our Almighty God – the God of the Bible. Kindly read this article written by Mr. Controversy: Forever Offering Thanksgiving. The author clearly discussed everything about giving thanks to the Lord in every circumstances.

I will be forever thankful to our Almighty God for the highest calling. Being affiliated with Members Church of God International or MCGI for about more than four years is the greatest gift I received from God. Knowing the real God, the God of the Bible made a significant change with the way I look at life and with the way I deal with others. From being a worldly person, I became more aware that while taking care of our physical body is essential, spiritual aspect is way more important. Reading, hearing, and meditating the words of God in the Bible became a part of my everyday life and I’m in love with it! The wisdom bestowed by God is the most overwhelming experience and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in this world.

I would like to share this YouTube video, I hope you too would be inspired by this song. It acknowledges the loving kindness of the Lord and how He touches our lives.

Let me also end this article with the song below. Thank God for all of you reading this post and hope you can relate and reflect.

Until next week of this ‘Tokens of Gratitude’ feature. Best wishes!