Weekly Quotes To Ponder 5

“Let us cross the bridge when we get there…”

These are the words that I usually tell myself when I have to resolve a difficult situation.

You might think that I am an easy-go-lucky person or you might say that I don’t deal with problems seriously. It may seem like that…

I may be hopeless most of the time but I have high hopes. I do have some fears and I tend to worry at times, but my faith in God is more than enough antidote for stress. It’s what really helped me survive.


I’ve kept these words at the tablet of my heart and meditate on them when faced with difficulties and I always find solace. Furthermore, I’ve learned not to dwell in the past hurts, make the most of the happy things in the present, and look forward positively in the future. And the outcome is great! Take my word for that. He answers prayers in three ways: Yes, and gives you what you want; No, and gives you something better; Wait, and gives you want you want in its own time. Though oftentimes we don’t understand what’s happening in our lives, we just have to put our trust in Him because He will never fail us.

How about you? What do you usually do when faced with life’s troubles? I would really appreciate it if you would share your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 5

  1. When I was younger,I used to get really sad when life hit me with problems. At that age,the problems that are actually so insignificant seem so huge. I remember my dad saying to me when I was a child, “If you want a bicycle very much and you ask God for it but you couldn’t get it for some reason, a day or a month sometimes even a year later God will give you something much better. Somethings are not required today and he might have something else in store for you. So believe in him.”
    I remember this every time something happens and the analogy holds. You can’t always have good times,likewise you cant always have bad ones.

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