Weekly Quotes To Ponder 4

Cheers for the fourth installment of our ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder’. Today, I also celebrate my fourth birth day in spirit. I’ve been baptized and been affiliated with MCGI (Members Church of God International) since 2012. It was the greatest and the most wonderful gift I received in my whole life, ever! I can’t thank God enough for the highest calling.


I am a kind of person who always welcome positive thoughts even in the midst of unpleasant situations. I may be helpless most of the time but I have high hopes.

When we are bombarded by a lot of life’s troubles. We are presented with two options: Either we break down or we break through. Whatever choice we make will determine the outcome of our struggle.

The measure of our happiness or misery
depends upon our dispositions, and
not upon our circumstances…

We must admit this harsh reality: No matter what you do, even though you give more than what you have, you cannot force someone to love you or understand your worth. So instead of wallowing yourself in frustration, do your best to look at things in a different perspective, try to look for the dim light at the end of the tunnel. I do understand that we all have different tolerance with pain. Different means in dealing with trials. But every time you’re faced with difficulties, you must always convince yourself that the only option you have is the better one, which is the good side. It all boils down with attitude. Unless you deal with problems with the right attitude your life would always be miserable. We always have to bear in mind that God gave us the ability to choose happiness in all circumstances and no matter how tough and how exhausting the trials that we are facing these days, they’re just temporary. It’ll pass eventually, we just have to be firm with our faith that  the best is yet to come.

May the faithful  God bless us all!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 4

  1. Congratulations on your fourth birth day in spirit!
    I believe that absolute black is a concept that does not exist. Let me elaborate. For each person, the blackest black is the most black they have ever seen. So every other black is now relative to that black.
    Going by this concept, there can never be no light at the end of a tunnel. There will always be a flicker of hope, dim, but very much there.

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