#LoIsInDaBl Day 1 – True Self Love

meeh.jpg I am a very transparent person. What you see is what you get but it doesn’t mean that I cannot be mysterious.

If I am sad, mad, surprised, confused, happy, excited, you can easily see it in the expressions of my face. I am not really good at pretending how I feel at a present or certain moment. I can just burst into tears or anger or laugh at the top of my lungs. I don’t know, I just can’t help it.

Others find me easy to get along with but there are also people who don’t want me. People who doesn’t approve of the way I carry myself in front of others. But that’s fine, we cannot please every body, right?



Do not chase people.
Be you and do your
own thing and work
hard. The right
people who belong in
your life will come to
you, and stay.
-Wu Tang

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