What is it in Giving?

I know someone who’d rather choose to give than to receive. Not because he have plenty but because it makes him so happy to help people in need. He always say that giving without expecting anything in return is the real essence of giving. He would always tell me that if I will give only to the people who can give back, what reward would I┬áhave in heaven? For him, it is much better to give to someone who have no way of giving back the goodness that you shared because you can be sure that God, who sees what you’ve done will definitely repay you.


At times, we are caught in a situation where someone approached us, asking if we could lend them when we’re also in a tight budget. For a person in faith, he’d consider this encounter an opportunity given by God to brighten someone else’s day and rather than feel bad about it, this person would feel happy and would willingly extend his hand to help. He wouldn’t even think that his own budget would be compromised because he have faith that God Almighty will surely provide him with his needs.


How about you? Have you experienced this even once in your life? What did you do? How’s the feeling?

A kind gesture can
reach a wound that only
compassion can heal.
-Steve Maraboli