Weekly Quotes To Ponder 3

Greetings wonderful people of the internet! Here’s for the third week of our Weekly Quotes To Ponder:


I am a great fan of travelling but would you believe that there are too few places that I’ve been to in my thirty five years of existence? I haven’t even visited most of the featured tourist spots in my own country. And I haven’t been into a foreign land, haven’t experienced riding a plane. Some might think that there’s so much in this life that I’m missing. Some things that I really wanted to do but can’t afford.

But it’s alright because I’ve been to too many places already. Have seen sceneries that no one ever imagined they would see. I am a bookworm. I’ve had that habit since grade school. Reading nourishes my brain and it never fail to take me to places more beautiful, more amazing and breathtaking. Through it, I was able to enter other people’s soul, feel the way they feel, play their roles, and empathize with them. Furthermore, there’s another way to make up with that dream that seems elusive for me, something that I know I can definitely do. I have been in someone’s thoughts, someone’s prayers, and in someone’s heart. I am being loved since I was born and until now I still feel its warmth and comfort.

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So tell me, am I really missing a lot in this life? Probably? But I won’t deny the fact that I’ve been to the most wonderful places in this world! And I will forever thank God for that!

Have a great week everyone!