One Lazy Friday


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I woke up today with a heavy head and I am really not feeling well. I don’t feel like doing anything but being a mother of four children with a husband that is working abroad, I don’t have any choice but to get up in bed and do my daily chores. These routine work really makes me bored. Being a working mother for about ten years and having a husband who stayed at home for about  four years, I am not used to just stay at home and be a housekeeper full time. And since I am really not a routine-ary person (forgive me for the grammar) it’s really a pain for me to stick with what I always need to do everyday, gosh! I really can’t keep up.

My first two weeks as a full time mother and housekeeper is a disaster, the house is in a mess, and I don’t know where to start to make it at least decent and conducive for my one year old son. My inability to follow a list of what I need to do every single day in the house add up to a bunch of mess. Such a struggle. I got a culture-shock!

That was a couple of months ago, nowadays I’ve learned how to deal with my present situation. Bonding with my children did a great help. When I feel like I want to breakdown, I’ll ask my eldest daughter to cook for me, then all of us would just sit back, relax and watch a film. If they are busy doing their own things (they’re fond of watching YouTube videos), my favorite past time is to use an application called Instamag to design some of their cute photos then post it on Instagram and Facebook. I find it soothing and enjoyable. I also feel a sense of fulfillment every time I see their photos being liked by others once I post it. It  is also an expression of how much I love my children and how much proud and grateful I am that God entrusted me with such wonderful creatures.

   “Time goes by so fast, people go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.”






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