It was like the last song syndrome that it kept repeating in my head

This is really a must read!

Marks of the Seer

As Bro. Eli speaks, I also sniff the shabu’s smoke from the filter. My two senses were taking different drugs at the same time: My nose was inhaling the shabu smoke, while my ears were tuned to the words of God in the Bible.

By Conrado Pagulayan

My life before I was called in the Church of God is what is called a “non-sense” life.

I was a drunkard. I was also addicted to drugs, particularly marijuana. Marijuana is usually smoked as a cigarette. One experiences some high when smoking marijuana. There is pleasure in it, but it can distort perceptions.

I also came to the point that I could not perform any task without taking any shabu. Shabu is a prohibited drug that is addictive and destructive. These are some of the following effects for an occasional user: i) Insomnia which can last for as long as three days…

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