Monthly Memories: January 2K16

I love those random
memories that make me
smile no matter what is
going on in my life right now.


It’s been a month  now since I started making posts  in my blog, how time flies! I never thought I could make more than 10 articles, will follow  more than 10 blogs and will be followed by more than 10 bloggers, will receive more than 10 likes and comments. The experience is so rewarding and so amazing that I can’t help but smile while writing.

A couple of days ago, I just received an invite from a blogger Basant She to participate in an event she created entitled :


I was delighted and responded immediately telling her that it would be awesome. Another milestone for me to  better blogging and a chance to  meet other bloggers, read articles with various subjects/genres, and eventually finding other blogs to follow. Continue reading “Monthly Memories: January 2K16”