The Key

Would you agree that because of all the cruelties that’s happening nowadays, some people just go with the flow without even feeling happy? They just let the time pass them by and all they think of is just survive. How dull would it be to live a life like that?

In my own point of view, happiness is not dependent on others. Unlike butterflies, we don’t need to chase it. It is within us, it is a gift that comes from above. Base on experience, contentment and thankfulness are two great factors that affect happiness. If you learn how to be content with what you have and be thankful for it no matter how bad or unacceptable things may seem, you’ll find real happiness. But the real key to a happy life is to trust God Almighty.

TrustWhen I lost the most important person in my life, I lost all the reasons to survive and I felt as if I died a million times. It was really devastating and nothing seems to matter to me anymore. I have children but that reality is not enough to convince me that there is still hope. Then one day, when I am walking alone, I stumbled upon a bookmark with a quote from the Bible. The verse is in the book of Isaiah 41:10. I found myself crying, the tears even blinded me for a while that I don’t have any choice but to stop and sit in the nearby waiting shed. Then it dawned in me that God sees what I am going through. It became clear to me that we have two options when faced with difficulties, it’s either we break down or we break through. The choice is ours. That’s when I learned to look at the bigger picture and look at things in a positive perspective.

Problems are part of our everyday lives. Sometimes bad things comes all at the same time and it’s trying to knock us real hard. But I believe that as long as we trust God and we cast all our burdens upon Him and do our part, we can survive everything with flying colors. And by then, we can surely live life to the fullest amidst all adversaries.

I used to ask God to take away all the heartaches and pains in my life so that my happiness will be complete. I’ve prayed so desperately then, but recently I just realized that as long as I live I will always experience such things, so what I ask God these days is to teach me how to accept the things I cannot change, give me strength to change the things I can and find happiness in every circumstances.




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