Weekly Quotes To Ponder

I am grateful I’ve joined Blogging 101, writing  a blog is actually one of my greatest dream since college. I almost gave up, but with God’s grace it is now turning into reality. The feelings I have is inexplicable, seeing people reading and following my blog is amazing!

Without further ado, as part of our assignment in Blogging 101, I would feature a post every Wednesday. Since I am a sentimental fool, I would post different quotes every week and share my thoughts about it. I would really appreciate it if you would also leave a comment.



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Writing for me is not merely to express my thoughts and feelings but more to share a part of my soul. The moment I begin to type a word and share my deepest thoughts and wildest dream is a moment I believe I have lived and it clearly defines my worth. Writing for me is like breathing, I just can’t live a day without it.

That’s it for now, until next Wednesday!


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