Erhyn’s OOTD

How do you define OOTD (Outfit of the day)? For most people, it is defined as clothes or outfits they wear on a particular day or occasion.

While some people would wear something in a particular occasion even though they’re not comfortable, my eldest daughter, Erhyn would definitely find a wardrobe that would not only compliment a certain occasion but would also make her feel comfortable while wearing it.


In life’s journey, we all make choices. And whatever choices we make will shape our present and our future. Looking at some of my daughter’s OOTD photos made me realize how time flies and how a thirteen year old could make a decision on her own. Sometimes, I am afraid of the choices that she make in her life. What if it is not the right thing, what if the outcome is not good, there are so many if’s I have in mind.

Then it dawned on me that I’ve been there in that situation and with God’s help and mercy, I was able to survive. All I need to do is guide her, support her the best way I can, and make her feel that no matter what will happen, be it good or bad, we,  as her parents would always be her number one fan.

Life is all about making choices.
Always do your best to choose the right ones,
always do your best to learn from the wrong ones.


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