What Meets The Eye

When I was in high school I always thought that I am just a plain teenager, when I look at the mirror and see my face I always say to myself that I am not beautiful. And since no boy seems to notice me or make an impression that they like me, I am convinced that I am not adorable.


We’re six siblings – two boys and four girls. I used to believe that my three sisters are far more beautiful. I am not jealous with their looks, I am just aware that most people would notice them first and would compliment them and when it comes to me, they would just shrug a shoulder or just pass me by. But believe it or not, I have never felt any insecurities with them. 11137924_363168747215087_1281844690_n

I am the eldest and I am very close with my three younger sisters. I wouldn’t say that I am a perfect older sister but I believe that I was able to perform the role of being a responsible and supporting sister. And with that being said, I gained their respect, trust, and loyalty. Whenever I’m in a difficult situation, may it be financially or emotionally, I’m sure that they will never refuse to lend a helping hand. 



What’s really interesting to share is that even though I thought I am not as beautiful as my three younger sisters, I could say that I am blessed with a man who is not only handsome but also thoughtful and responsible husband and father to my children. From that point in my life, when I look at myself in the mirror, I am seeing something in me that’s more than what meets the eye.




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