More Than Enough

“Staring through the pouring rain
Trying to ease away my pain
Everything have gone in vain
I’m not going to love again

Then suddenly you came along
My heart can’t help but sing a song
You’re all that I asked God when I pray
You added color to my world that’s gray”

Have you ever been in a situation where you believed that you did everything you could, in your own power, to accomplish or to achieve something but you failed? Most of us do. The frustrations, disappointments, and the helplessness that we feel after what happened is oftentimes unbearable that we tend not to try anymore thinking that everything is a total waste of time.


Pessimistic people have this kind of attitude in dealing with failures. At one point in my life, I became like them. But with a sudden twist of fate (that’s what I thought before) or more accurately, with God’s divine intervention, I’ve met someone who turned my gloomy skies into a fiery firmament. From the looks of his eyes, smiles that always cause shivers in my spine, and touch that cause butterflies in my stomach, I found myself looking at life in a different perspective. He may not be perfect but he always try to be a better person for me, and what I really appreciate about him is his ability to disagree with me most of the time but at the end of it all he understands me. No matter what I do, how many times I fall, how many times my world turn into a mess, he would always be there for me. And not all people can find someone like him. I am truely blessed!


“Someday, somehow, your dreams will come true…it may not be the exact package you wanted but it’s what God gave you and it’s the best for you!”




Disclaimer: I don’t own the images, clip art




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