A Letter To An Ex



Dear Ex,

It’s strange how life work sometimes, imagine it’s been more than 14 years now that we haven’t seen each other, I did not even expect that there will come a time that I will be in touch with your whereabouts. But here I am, looking at your FB profile, looking at your pictures, (and, you did not changed much, still the same built, still handsome, still oozing with sex appeal, wow!) Funny how I managed to have the nerve to find you in FB, how I manage to email you and tell you something I have kept for years. It’s undeniable that I feel so good knowing that you still remember me after all those years, after all what happened, and even if we’ve had it for a brief moment, I consider it as one of the most wonderful experience I had. And I thank God for that.

One thing more, (I hope you also remember this…) YOU are the first guy who taught me how to respect myself. And I’m so proud to be one of those women you did not took advantage of. And because of that, I was able to preserve my dignity and gave myself only to the father of my children. I guess you are happy with your life right now (hopefully I am right, ’cause you deserve it). I asked your brother if you’re still single, and he answered, NO, you have lots of women then I answered him back, well, no wonder ’cause you are really a good catch and I think you are enjoying yourself.

Looking at your pictures in Facebook, I believe that you are living a good life, full of adventures and thrills, the way you look at the camera, you have that positive aura, no doubt, you are still the same man I’ve loved before. Hey, don’t be bored with my letter if it’s too long, if you can still remember, I wrote longer letters and hopefully you can forgive me with this. It’s my outlet, my way of expressing how I feel at the moment.




Thank  you for a wonderful you, you don’t know what a positive impact you have left in my life and I will always feel grateful about it.


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