Steward Secrets of God

I was very hungry and Bro. Eli was feeding my soul. Why was he speaking that way? Why was he attacking the other religions so bravely? Was he putting the other religions down? I thought religions were true as long as one believed in God.   It was unfair, but he seemed right about everything he said!

By Priscilla Mendoza

I used to be Catholic. Don`t blame me. My Catholic brood had me baptized just a few weeks after I was born. I was baptized without knowing why I should be baptized in Catholic rites. I was a babe, I didn`t know anything.

Mom and Dad never knew any other religion, but that which they were born with. My great grandparents were Spanish and were strictly Catholic. My grandparents followed suit, handed down to us all the Spanish-inspired Catholic rites and doctrines they have embraced through the years-even taught us…

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